A downloadable game for Windows

A simple, nice looking platformer game made by Stu.

I made this game for the Mix and Game Jam.

Any feedback would help.

Install instructions

Choose between installation types:

.exe Installator   -   Download it, click it and follow given instructions

.zip File   -    Download it, extract it and enjoy StuPac


three_dimensions.exe 26 MB
three_dimensions.zip 13 MB


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I finished the game, but I didn't actually know that I did. I thought the game crashed because the dialogue seemed to stop mid sentence. I would suggest adding some thing to make sure the player knows the game is finished. I had to play through it a second time to figure out that it was actually the end. Besides that, the physics engine seems to be very simple with no acceleration or slowing down (if there is some it must be almost non-existent) I think that agrees with the simple happy tone of the game though. Was a quick but fun one! :)

Thank for the feedback, I'll try to work on the ending. 

Btw did you receive something like "may contain dangerous files " or something like that when you downloaded the game? 

It did for my friend so I'm a little bit confused why did the anti-virus say that.

I can guarantee you that it doesn't have any viruses.  But I'm just asking. 

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